One of the many reputed benefits of garlic is in treating earache. This is possibly because of its antibiotic, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. There are, of course, many different causes of earache and antibiotics would be of no use against some of them. Your first step should always be to consult your doctor.

In folk medicine there are a number of garlic based treatments that claim to treat or cure earache. These often involve garlic oil or some form of pulp. Personally I would not apply garlic to the ear unless on the advice of a doctor - the inner ear is extremely delicate and garlic is very powerful.

Some people also believe that garlic taken internally can help earache along with various other complaints by strengthening the immune system generally.

Another herb traditionally associated with treating the symptoms of earache is mullein. There are many species of mullein which is part of the figwort family. As well as earache it has been used by herbalists for the treatment of a variety of ailments including sore throat and cough.

Today you can buy commercial preparations containing both mullein and garlic. These are often sold as ear drops designed specifically for the treatment of the symptoms of earache.