How To Crush Garlic - A Photographic Guide

There are numerous gadgets available for crushing garlic. Most of these crushers work well and are fast and efficient ways to press and mince garlic. Their disadvantage is that the tools need cleaning after use.

If you don't mind getting your hands messy then crushing garlic manually is easy and satisfying. All you need is a good knife and a little salt.

This page will show you how to crush a garlic clove. When crushing garlic - as always - take extreme care with sharp knives.

Crushing a Garlic Clove

crushing garlic - stage 1 crushing garlic - stage 2 crushing garlic - stage 3
First place a single - unpeeled - garlic clove flat on a chopping board. Now take a knife with a wide blade and place it flat over the clove. Press down strongly with the palm of your hand. Be careful not to touch the sharp part of the blade!
crushing garlic - stage 4 crushing garlic - stage 5 crushing garlic - stage 6
You will now find that the skin can easily be removed from the lightly crushed garlic clove.

Having discarded the skin, grind a little salt on the board to soak up the garlic juices - you don't want to waste these (this isn't shown in the photos for clarity).

Now roughly chop the garlic.

crushing garlic - stage 7 crushing garlic - stage 8 crushing garlic - stage 9
Place the knife flat again at one side of the chopped garlic. Starting at one end of the pile of chopped garlic, press down with the sharp edge of the knife. Move the knife a little further into the pile of chopped garlic and repeat. Keep doing this across the whole pile of garlic.

The salt also helps here since it prevents the garlic from pinging off the board and across the kitchen!

If necessary, repeat this process until the crushed garlic is the consistency you require.

Scrape the crushed garlic pulp off of the board, being sure not to miss any of the garlic juices.

That's it - how to crush garlic simply and quickly.