Garlic Free Jubilee

Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee – celebrating her seventy year reign – is approaching fast. One place her chef’s certainly won’t be looking for inspiration is this site. The Queen has long banned garlic from meals she eats or that are served in her presence.

Why won’t Her Majesty have garlic used in the palace? There have been some crazy theories (no, she is not a vampire!) but the answer is really quite simple: garlic breath. Since the Queen is always meeting and talking with people, she doesn’t want the smell of garlic on her breath. She won’t even have it on the menu for her guests as she doesn’t want to expose them to such an embarrassing possibility (this is also to her advantage when chatting with them later!).

Although garlic is the worst offender, onions are also frowned upon. They’re not completely banned but can only be used in moderation. So the royal kitchens are very much a low allium zone.

The prohibitions against garlic and excess onions apparently also apply to other members of the Royal Family.

Makes me glad to be a commoner…