Garlic Braids

Braids of garlic used to be hung on doors or in the rafters to ward off evil spirits. Today the uses of braided garlic are usually of an ornamental nature.

What Are Garlic Braids?

A garlic braid typically consists of between ten and twenty cloves of garlic with their stems braided (or plaited) together so that the bulbs are arranged two or three across in a line.

Softneck garlic varieties are easier to braid than the hardneck ones simply because the stems are easier to work with. Silverskin garlics are the most commonly used for braiding.

Garlic braids will last for a very long time if used decoratively. However the garlic will dry out. Unless you are an avid garlic eater, braids probably contain too many garlic heads to use as functional kitchen storage.

If you want to know how to braid garlic yourself, there are a number of good guides on the web such as this one at Bloomingfields Farm.