Garlic Breath Cures

How to Get Rid of Garlic Breath

Garlic breath is an unavoidable side-effect of eating garlic. Although it be avoided, there are a number of things we can do to reduce its impact and make it less powerful.

Bacteria induced bad breath can be reduced by usual oral hygene methods. Standard halitosis remedies include regular use of mouthwash, brushing and flossing teeth and tongue scraping.

There are also commercial bad breath remedies available which are more powerful than the usual mouthwashes you can buy in supermarkets. These are available from your doctor, your pharmacist or to buy online.

Friendly Foods

Rather than trying to combat garlic breath after the fact, there are a number of traditional suggestions for reducing it at source. Certain foods have a reputation for reducing the impact of garlic on your breath:


The most established method for reducing smelly garlic breath is to eat parsley with the meal. This seems to counteract the problem to some extent, although it doesn’t prevent it completely.

It’s probably no coincidence that many garlic recipes also contain parsley. However it is not enough just to sprinkle in a teaspoon of dried parsley when cooking. To get the relief effect on your breath you need to chew at least one sprig of fresh green parsley, preferably more. Ideally this should be chopped and added near the end of cooking or as a garnish.


Some people also claim that chewing cardamon seeds has a similar effect to parsley and can work as a garlic breath remedy. Cardamon has a very strong flavour so this might not be an option for some people.


Research published in 2010(1) suggested that drinking a glass of milk might help reduce garlic breath. Apparently the mix of fat and water makes full fat milk a more effective neutralizer than fat free. The research concluded:

“Ingesting beverages or foods with high water and/or fat content such as milk may help reduce the malodorous odor in breath after garlic ingestion and mask the garlic flavor during eating. To enhance the deodorizing effect, deodorant foods should be mixed with garlic before ingestion.”

Perhaps the best solution to the garlic induced bad breath problem is to ensure that you surround yourself with friends who are also garlicophiles. That’s my method and it works for me!


(1): Effect of Milk on the Deodorization of Malodorous Breath after Garlic Ingestion (Journal of Food Science)