Garlic vs Slugs

Even if you don’t want to grow garlic to eat yourself, it is reportedly a wonder plant for any gardener. It’s known to be beneficial to other plants and is often used in co-planting.

Garlic has a long tradition of preventing pests. The folk traditions have recently been confirmed scientifically. Research by the University of Newcastle (1) has shown that garlic is an effective slug repellent.

The research team, headed by Dr. Gordon Port, found that a barrier of garlic oil repelled slugs. The research was conducted using a refined garlic spray called Ecoguard.

The researchers found that when slugs approached the garlic barrier they turned around. In those cases where the slugs were unable to escape the garlic oil, they died.

It’s not clear exactly how the garlic barrier repels and kills slugs. One theory is that the garlic causes an over-production of mucus which “dries out” the slug.

This evidence that garlic can really act as a natural pesticide will be of great interest to all those natural gardeners who prefer to keep their gardening as near to organic as possible.

(1) New research finds garlic kills slugs